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Aviation, Hospitality, Travel & Customer Service


Aviation, Hospitality, Travel & Customer Service

FlyAviation offers this 6 months course for those who want to get exclusive FlyAviation benefits to fast track their career. The syllabus was specially designed keeping in mind the short time duration which is preferred by some of the candidates. Students who enroll in this program have a major advantage over their peers as they are highly experienced on a wide variety of topics covering a wide range of topics such as aviation, hospitality, travel and customer service. Trained by a FlyAviation team of instructors. Service industries become easily employable.

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6 Months

Study 6 days/week for 2 hours/day



See prerequisites in detail


19 - 25 Years

What you'll learn

1. Effective Communication Skills

With English being the most spoken language in the world, learning the language is absolutely essential for a successful career. This course is primarily designed to help every FlyAviation student to communicate effectively in the English language at work. Topics covered include basic grammar knowledge, greetings and farewells, and the various details involved in making appointments or coming to mutual conclusions on certain topics. Since each lesson in this course is highly interactive, students are able to continuously practice their language skills and also learn about key aspects of correct and effective communication.

2. Aviation

This course is designed to train students on the skills required to become a cabin crew. The program covers all the topics related to aviation hospitality that a cabin crew member needs to know. Students are trained in basic flight safety protocols, emergency routines, and handling of onboard passengers. They are taught about the various parts and functions of a commercial aircraft, and the essential functions related to flight, such as the procedures for ascent and landing, as well as onboard meal service techniques.

3. Grooming

The course trains the student on essential aesthetic skills in the aviation, hospitality, tourism and customer service industries. Topics covered here include skin and hair care, western and traditional dress, and basic beauty practices, dental care, professional makeup techniques, etc. Important topics - the art of running effectively and following certain social etiquettes are also included.

4. Hospitality with Computerized Reservation System

The module trains the student on the skills required in the hospitality industry. Topics covered in this course include handling guest arrivals with check-in, checkout and payment settlement methods. Students will also be trained on a popular and versatile hotel management software that is used by companies around the world.

5. Travel Management with Computerized Reservation Systems

This course teaches essential skills for employees working in the Air Travel - Reservation and Ticketing domain. This course trains students on the details of how an airport functions, including ticket reservation, check-in, cargo and fare creation.

6. Personality Development

This course is highly interactive and helps the student to develop the personality traits required to work in a professional environment. This course introduces students to positive attitude, anger management, empathy, perception, motivation and stress management. The curriculum instills great confidence in them and makes them true leaders. The importance of complementary qualities and participating in team-building activities is also discussed in detail.

7. Interviewing Skills

As the name suggests, this course prepares the student to face and crack all kinds of interviews. This course includes Instant Speaking, Mock Interview, Group Discussion and Positive Body Language. They are ready to answer all the questions that may be asked from them in the interview. In addition, FlyAavation instructors will share knowledge to create the perfect resume and covering letter.

8. Swimming

Swimming is an essential skill, especially for those aspiring to pursue a career with an international airline. All international airlines and some domestic airlines require that their crew members know how to swim.

9. Inflight Familiarization (Optional)

It is an elective course that FlyAviation offers to all students who wish to gain practical experience of the duties of a cabin crew while flying in an aircraft. FlyAviation has tied up with notable Indian airline company 'Air India' to facilitate this mock program. Enrolling in this program is a great way to prepare for the challenges you will face during the actual flight.

Pre - requisites

  • Graduation or final year graduate students (Students studying in final year of graduation can also take admission. However, certificate will be given only after passing graduation.)
  • Basic knowledge of english
  • Pleasant personality
  • Selection will be based on Personal Interview

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